Stop Smoking Journal: Day 10

Stop Smoking Journal: Day 10

What I noticed today

Smoking kills my time

Now that the smoking is being reduced I am finding more time to do more things. This morning my son and I woke up and had breakfast together as well as read a book and watch Play School. It surprised me that there felt like there was heaps of time before we went off to swimming this morning. Getting the swimming bag ready was a breeze and setting off to swimming was no rush. Liam had a great time swimming today and I was very proud of him doing so much better with holding his breath under the water longer. I think he noticed my extra smiles today.

After swimming we went to McDonalds for lunch. Then came home, started the washing and drying, then we both went off to have an afternoon nap. I love having my afternoon nap with Liam on Saturdays. A little siesta I quite enjoy.

Liam loves using up my time

With smoking less and eating better (or getting towards better), I am not feeling so tired. There is a greater sense of alertness and like I mentioned just before, there is more time to spend. And of course Liam uses it all up! There is more to do, and we spend more time doings things together. And there is more focus from me to him. There is less of the ‘I need a smoke’ going on in my head and I think we are both liking that for our differing reasons. Ultimately my Quality of Time with Liam is increasing and I can see that we are both happier because of it.

I’m feeling happier

This must be a good thing! I’m happy to see improvements in more than one area of my life because of my want to stop smoking. It’s becoming noticeable to me that there are other areas in my life that need attention also. Diet and exercise are two areas I see that I can better work with to help me even more with my health. Just stopping smoking is great, but with a better diet and more exercise the results for me will become even greater. I can see that and that makes me happy!

Daily Routine

  • Have you taken you CHAMPIX today? Yes (day and night)
  • Are you smoke free today? No.
  • How are you feeling today (1 angry <-> 4 happy)? 3 (I can see a clear picture of how happily this will turn out!)



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