Stop Smoking Journal: Day 08

Stop Smoking Journal: Day 08

What I noticed today

Slipped backwards today

Today I smoked close to the usual amount I have at work. Stress is showing up as a big factor in my desire to smoke. Remember the challenge at my work that requires my immediate attention back at Day 02 of the Stop Smoking Journal? Well I’m still cleaning it up. It’s been one week and the majority of the work is done. Now I am installing measures to make sure that this wont happen again. The work though has become tediously detailed and feels painstakingly slow. I am feeling nervous. Nervous that I will miss something and that (sometime in the future) that will be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Stressing is what I gave into today. The sense of panic and need for ‘thinking time’ I succumbed to and the result was my increase in smoking today. I didn’t even practice my new habits of drinking more water or taking time at the break out room at work. I did do the breathing exercise (deep breath, very slow release) and I guess that is what stopped me from smoking the normal amount of cigarettes today.

My new habits aren’t habitual yet

I’ve uncovered new habits and today they weren’t all put into place by me. Let’s see what they were again.

  1. Identify my triggers: Find out what triggers me and note them. Catch myself responding to the triggers and force changes that stop me from smoking.
  2. Stop stressing: Don’t buy another’s emergency as my own. Everyone experiences an emergency, stop making it a habit to make it my emergency as well (and stop proceeding to fix the problem all the time). Instead be of assistance and help them help themselves. That includes helping myself help myself.
  3. Water is my friend: Drink lots more water during the day. I have a water bottle always at close proximity and continually sip through the day and evening.
  4. Have thinking time without smoking: Spend time at the break out room to solve a problem. If I need to think through a problem to its resolution, don’t do it with a smoke in hand.
  5. Watch what I eat: I’ve noticed the want to eat more. Either the hand-to-mouth action or filling my stomach is substituting the smoking. Cut that out!
  6. Exercise: Step up the exercise and start working my system into a regular pattern of healthy activities.
  7. Breathe: Practice breathing deep ad exhaling slowly. Trust me, even as I do it now it is putting me into a peaceful state.

I should write these up and put them at my desk and at home. Constant reminders of the habits that will help me stop smoking.

Walking is becoming fun

Walked 6.5 km today with my walking partner and that took 1 hour 5 minutes. I started the walk with a quicker pace and carried for over half the trip. Then it got noticed by my body and I started to slow down some. Walking partner didn’t mind that we slowed down. She told me she noticed my increased speed at the start, and then followed that with a nice compliment.

That made my night. This is why we have each other as walking partners. To motivate and encourage each other! I didn’t feel so bad for slowing down and frankly we did a quicker time than my first attempt. So I’m feeling pretty happy about that.

My next walking sessions are on Monday (committed), Wednesday or Thursday or both. I’ll be happy if I can accomplish all of those three nights.

Ramping up the CHAMPIX

Today is the start of Week 02 of the CHAMPIX prescription. My morning and (now) night pills have changed from White pills to Blue 1.0mg pills. The dosage is increasing this week, the final week before my quit date. As a reminder to myself the quit date is the 3rd September 2009! One more week to go!

Daily Routine

  • Have you taken you CHAMPIX today? Yes.
  • Are you smoke free today? No, not by a long shot…
  • How are you feeling today (1 angry <-> 4 happy)? 2 (somewhat disappointed with myself)



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