Stop Smoking Journal: Day 07

Stop Smoking Journal: Day 07

What I noticed today

I’m tired…

Remember I said that today I’d be walking 6.5 km with my walking partner? That it would take 1 hour and 20 minutes because I’d be pushing my son (passive walking partner) in a stroller? It was very windy and always ready to pour down rain. I did feel a couple of drops every now and then. Liam was ok at the start and didn’t mind the ride but the "Are we there yet" started to creep in towards the end. He was well protected and had a rain (and wind) cover.

Well I am barely keeping my eyes open writing this. I am so so tired! Pushing my son was the extra resistance in my walk that I asked for. And it used me up completely. I am so thoroughly exhausted from the walk tonight. Even my partner (the way fitter of us two) gave it a go. She thought it was fantastic to have my son come for the walk, to have a go pushing him along.

The walk took 1 hour and 20 minutes and I am nurturing one stiff neck and two stiff shoulders…

Oh, and I’m going walking again tomorrow night. Same path yet no extra resistance this time :).

I’m better…

I happy that I did this tonight. I exerted myself and went beyond comfortable. I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow. I already feel it now!

Another thing I noticed tonight is that I took my first and only sip of water three quarters into the walk tonight. I’m pretty chuffed about that since my first walk had me have a gulp of water about one third in and I had some more sips during the rest of the walk. I attribute this to the extra water I drink during the days to combat my smoking habit. I thought it would pay off, but not so soon!

I’m breathing…

I’ve started another exercise to reduce my pang for smoking. I’m doing deep-breathing exercises at my work and home. Whenever I feel I had a need for another cigarette I take deep breaths and slow exhales, really slow exhales, not quick in and outs. I then go have another drink of water. This seems to get me conscious of what I was intending to do (go for a cigarette). I’m liking this as it is very deliberate exercise, even reminds me of yoga. It imparts a state of peacefulness and that is soothing. Going for a smoke gives you dopamine but not for long. It gives you a quick high. Then it drops you again. The deep breathing is quite the opposite but I am enjoying the soothing effect it brings. And it lasts longer!

About my diet (again)

I am still noticing that I’m having a need to eat more to substitute my cigarette activities. I’m still keeping this in check cause (like I said before) I am wanting to get fit, not fat!

Karl Moore, a student of self-development, has a very (timely and) interesting video called Release Your Worries – Video Post. He describes how to release yourself from things you are stuck with (like my smoking and eating). Very close to what I described earlier regarding the breathing exercise but with some self talk that I’m going to implement. I invite you to have a look at this quick video.

Walking tomorrow (again)

Yes, I am sucker for punishment… But this is the good variety! This is to better myself, not destroy myself. It’s about commitment, willingness, persistence and practice. Thinking that walking will be good for me is not good for me. Walking that walk, that will be good for me, is good for me. I am walking again.

Daily Routine

  • Have you taken you CHAMPIX today? Yes.
  • Are you smoke free today? No.
  • How are you feeling today (1 angry <-> 4 happy)? 4 (yes 4, even though I’m about to drop asleep)



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