Stop Smoking Journal: Day 05

Stop Smoking Journal: Day 05

What I noticed today

Back at work

Today was my first concerted effort to make changes to my routine at work. To catch my triggers and find alternate ways to deal with the need for smoking.

Found a Trigger!

Often times at work I am pulled away from my planned work. Many times it's to help another person fix their problem. To provide on-the-spot at-that-moment training to help them understand why they are not getting the results they intend to produce.

This is usually accompanied by that person showing some (or complete) frustration, dismay, disappointment and upset. And the "Why doesn't it work?", "There's something wrong with this program", etc, comments. I find myself getting worried (almost in sympathy) about the persons issue.

Today I tried another tact called "pace and lead". And it worked wonders and gave me heaps of relief. I'm not about to explain it, yet there are articles that you can read about it. The upshot of this approach is that when it was all said and done, I was able to continue with my work without the need for another cigarette! It was wonderful. It felt like a small win for me!

Note to self: A person saying (on the other end of a phone call) that the fix to their problem will only take 5 you minutes is to be taken with a pinch of salt. Always block out the next hour!

Stop buying another’s emergency as your own

The thing I noticed today is that not buying another person’s emergency (without being mean) minimises one of my triggers for smoking. I will be practising this more often, catching my triggers and dealing with them effectively.

Water is my friend

Water has become a close friend of mine. I am drinking a lot more water and replenishing myself as a way to deal with the need for a cigarette. It is tough at this stage as the need for nicotine is still there, but keeping my hands and mouth busy with H2O is so much better than spending 5 minutes downstairs with cigarette in hand.

Daily Routine

  • Have you taken you CHAMPIX today? Yes.
  • Are you smoke free today? No.
  • How are you feeling today (1 angry <-> 4 happy)? 3



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