Stop Smoking Journal: Day 02

Stop Smoking Journal: Day 02

It was nice to receive an SMS from reminding me to take the CHAMPIX pill this morning. I’ve set my profile there to receive notifications via mobile phone rather than by email. I feel it’s a little more personal and direct somewhat.

A little bit more about my Quit Smoking programme

My quit date?

My quit date is the 3rd September 2009.

Quitting smoking means you have to overcome TWO things

  1. The physical addiction to nicotine that causes cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  2. The existing habits that have become part of your smoking routine.

CHAMPIX works on the physical addiction. You start to take CHAMPIX 1 week to 2 weeks before your quit date. This lets CHAMPIX build up in your body and allows it to start working. By quit date your need for nicotine is greatly reduced.

How does CHAMPIX do that?

When smoking, nicotine attaches to receptors in the brain. Attaching to these receptors sends a signal to release dopamine, giving a feeling of pleasure that only lasts for a little while. The body wants to reproduce this feeling, therefore repeating the need to keep smoking.

A smoker who stops smoking can be affected by nicotine withdrawal. Some symptoms are;

  • craving for tobacco
  • frustration
  • feeling angry
  • Sleep problems
  • depressed mood
  • feeling anxious
  • difficulty in concentration
  • weight gain

CHAMPIX does its magic by activating these receptors and blocking the nicotine from doing the same. CHAMPIX itself does not have nicotine.

What I noticed today

Smooth Operator

The whole day seemed to have a smoothness to it. There was an increased state of peacefulness that remained more persistent than I’ve noticed before.

There is a challenge at my work that require my immediate attention. I’m the only one who is committed to cleaning up the mess. This is normally enough for me to be on edge while I proceed to resurrect the work. The mix of a disaster and being the only saviour is not a position that I relish. Nevertheless, the day and the work felt different. The edginess I speak of was not there, or not as strong.

I do believe that this is the work of CHAMPIX beginning to do it’s magic.

Daily Routine

  • Have you taken you CHAMPIX today? Yes.
  • Are you smoke free today? No.
  • How are you feeling today (1 angry <-> 4 happy)? 3

I am having a peaceful nights sleep tonight. Things are looking up.


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