Stop Smoking Journal: Day 01

Stop Smoking Journal: Day 01

Today I start my Quit Smoking programme with CHAMPIX.

I’ve read the manual and am following instructions. I feel nothing different at the moment but I’m already planning what my life will be like without the cigarettes.

Although I am not well because of a medical condition (been home for two days), my aim is still high.


To give up smoking you need:

  • willpower
  • a quit plan
  • support from your family and friends
  • counselling, advice or additional support
  • changes to your behaviour, so you avoid situations where you are likely to smoke

My ‘quit plan’ and ‘counselling, advice or additional support’ system is CHAMPIX made this site to assist people like me to give up. It has info, a virtual coach, notes and journals area, countdown and links.

I would love for you to be my friends support! I’ve tried to stop smoking before and one of the points of failure was not having a support group, outside of the program.
So, if you’d like to support my intentions, feel free to do so!

I will also be providing updates as notes (like this one) to keep you informed and to have me be accountable to the results I want to produce.


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